Love, Sex & The I.R.S. (Limelight Archives)

It’s an all out laugh fest this summer as we take you back to the groovy 1970’s. Jon and his buddy Leslie are members of a band and also roommates. Their bachelor pad lifestyle gets thrown into a tailspin when the I.R.S. audits them. Especially, when we find out Jon listed them as husband and wife to save money. Oh..and he didn’t tell Leslie. Kate, Jon’s fiancé, helps them trick the I.R.S. But when Jon’s mother shows up, and the nosy landlord gets suspicious….who knows what will happen next! It’s “I Love Lucy” meets “Some Like It Hot”.

Alika U. Spencer-Kokna
Jonathan Bass
Tasi Alabastro
Donna Knippen
Dan Pearson
Jason Harris
Angela Doss Santiago
Tina Elder
Directed by Kevin Heath