Miracle on 34th Street

Producers   Ray Trimble
  Kim Galloway
Director   Douglas Hagdohl, II
Elf Choreographer   Jessica Damron
Costumer   Joy Reynolds
Set Designer   Douglas Hagdohl, II
Master Carpenter   Wayne Dewey
Rehearsal Secretary   Trudy Parks
Stage Manager   Beth Dewey
House Manager   Freda Kogan
Properties   Lori Foster
  Barbara Smith
Sound Manager   Dennis Heinz
Kris Kringle   Bob Jacobson
Doris Walker   Denee Lewis Bohnsack
Susan Walker   Hana McElroy
Fred Gayley   Peter Mandel
Shellhammer   Sandra Aranda
Sawyer   Chris Souza
Judge Harper   Bob Brown
Mara   Steve Beck
Dr. Pierce   Pranshu Mishra
Halloran   Ken Powell
Finley   Jake Smith
Macy   Zack Goller
Mara Jr.   Nathan Foster
Al   Jonathan Heinz
Lou   Ben Snook
Head Elf Jolly Snowflake   Rachel Kogan
Assistant Tinker Tinsel   Landon Sepulveda
Elf Cookie McJingles   Kaya Jones
Elf Merry Nipper   Maddie Schriefer
Elf Twinkle Nipper   Emma Schriefer
Elf Perky Peppermint   April McCoy
Elf Bubbles Sugarplum   Sydney Bohnsack
Elf Puddin Tootsie   Janae Heinz
Gimble   Jacob Goller
Duncan   Nicolas Garcia
Bag Lady   Marianne Snook
Rich Person   Breanna van Gastel
Drunken Santa   Ken Powell
Dutch Orphan Girl   Kaya Jones
Sharon   Maddie Schriefer
Johnny   Emma Beck
Foster Mother   Joyce Bedard
Sharon’s Mother   Becca Reynolds
Johnny’s Mother   Maria Marsilio
Ensemble   Jessica Erkson
  Renee Erkson
  Daylen Foster
  Lauren McCoy
  Carter Sepulveda
  Becca Snook
  Alexa Villafranca
  Angelina Villafranca
  Susan Yamashita
34th Street Carolers   Candice Clifford
  David McCoy
  Jeannine McCoy
  Hayleelynn Merrill

Do you believe? Kris Kringle (could he really be Santa?!) living in a retirement home? Retirement can’t keep Kris from bringing us the true meaning of Christmas. By happenstance he lands a job working as Santa Claus for Macy’s and unleashes waves of good will with their customers and throughout the commercial world of New York City by referring customers elsewhere. Seen as deluded and dangerous by Macy’s vocational counselor, Kris ends up in a court competency hearing. Especially at stake is one little girl’s belief in Santa. Join us and have your heart warmed – just in time for the Holiday Season.


Adapted by Mountain Community Theater
Based upon the Twentieth Century Fox motion picture Miracle on 34th Street
From the novel by Valentine Davies

Photos by Elizabeth Mandel