12 Dancing Princesses

Producer   Greg Colbert
Co-producer   Marianne Snook
Director   Charity Berg-Garcia
Vocal Director   Michelle Serrano
Choreographer   Suzanne Colbert
Costume Designer   Patricia Hannon
Michael   Sophia Ayala-Root
Linda   Monica Evans
Youngblood   Catherine Drayton
King Willy   Sean O’Connor
Lady Steno   Katie Lincoln
Lady Sniffles   Rebecca Reynolds
Sterling, the Silver Fairy   Melinda Colbert
Hope Diamond   Rachel Kogan
Audrey   Sydney Murphy
Bonita   Samantha Rogers
Candice   Hope Miller
Deborah   Sabrina Bohnsack
Eve   Alexis Barnes
Florinda   Caroline Drayton
Gertrude   Virginia Miller
Helena   Kaya Jones
Ivy   Brianna Pember
Jacqueline   Shalimar McGinnis
Kristin   Maya King
Cowherds / Princes
John / Oscar   Jenna Hernandez
Frederick / Peter   Becca Snook
Ronald / Quentin   Emily Pember
Ted / Reginald   Tessa Zhang
Lawrence / Siegfried   Lucy Kaelin
Brian / Thatcher   Caitlin Hinz
Gregory / Upton   Sierra Murphy
First Page / Vergil   Ella Lincoln
Second Page / Walter   Sierra McKenna
Xerxes   Austin Vandecoevering
  Rose Laurel   McKenzie Colbert
  Cherry Laurel   Lauren Anderson
  First Bell   Audrey Sperry
  Second Bell   Cynthia Sperry
  Samantha Barnes
  Kendall Eves
  Elia Lasky
  Sophie Murray
  Cambria Pace
  Ryan Rogers

A king with twelve unmarried daughters and a mystery to solve! How do twelve lovely princesses wear out their shoes night after night when they are securely locked in a room from which there is no escape? And where do the princes who come to woo them disappear to? Join Michael, an ambitious cowherd, and Sterling the Silver Fairy, to solve the King’s conundrum. “Kick up your heels” with our young cast while Michael discovers the princesses’ secret and finds love in the process.


Book by June Walker Rogers.
Music by Diane Leslie.
Lyrics by David Rogers.