Legally Blonde

Producers   Robin Bezanson
  Roberta Vinkhuyzen
Directors   Janell Cummings
  Andrew Cummings
Assistant Director   Christy Wright
Vocal Director   Carolyn Lamcke
Musical Director   James Chipman
Choreographer   Christine Carrillo
Assistant Choreographer   Charlotte Self
Rehearsal Secretary   Trudy Parks
Elle Woods   Bailey Konold
Warner   Zack Goller
Callahan   Anthony Daly
Emmett   Bailey Mancini
Vivienne   Danielle Moore
Enid   Eleanor Harnett
Paulette   Pascale Vinkhuyzen
Brooke Wyndham   Valarie Martin
Margot   Emily Carrillo
Serena   Marisa Hruby
Pilar   Shelby Shutt
Delta Nu
Kate   Hannah Bezanson
Leilani   Sierra Benitez
Gaelan   Candice Clifford
  Alexandra Hannon
  Colette Bowen
  Colette Howard
Kyle   Chris Bezanson
Aaron   Andrew Stebbins
Elle’S Dad   Jake Smith
Nikos   Lukas Vinkhuyzen
Carlos   Dane Weber
Winthrop   Nathan Cummings
Dewey   Jonathan Heinz
Padamadan   Francisco Alvarez
Kiki   Ethan Dean
Pforzheimer   Mason Bell
Grandmaster Chad   Alex Smith
Lowell   Nico Garcia
Prison Guard   Jacob Goller
Store Manager   Alyson Forman
Courtney   Brittany Corpuz
Elle’S Mom   Emily Doughty
Whitney   Samantha Quijano
H&H Salesgirl   Emily Hansen
Perfume Girl   Rebecca Reynolds
Chutney Wyndham   Hayleelyn Merrill
Judge   Megan Carrillo
Court Stenographer   Brianna Pember
DA Joyce Riley   Brittany Owings

The beautiful blonde from the movie of the same name takes the stage by pink storm in this fun, upbeat musical about self discovery. Dumped by her Harvard-bound boyfriend, Elle Woods is determined to get him back. Charm gets her into Harvard, but struggles with peers, professors, and Warner Huntington lead Elle to realize her potential and inspire her to prove herself. Ridiculously funny from start to finish, our teen cast’s renditions of “Ohmigod”, “Positive”, “Find My Way”, and many more will put a grin on your face and leave you humming Elle’s unforgettable melodies.


Book by Heather Hach. Music and Lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin. Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture.