Love, Loss & What I Wore (Limelight Archives)

Sisters Nora and Delia Ephron have created a series of stories that every woman can relate to (and perhaps add to with their own experience). This show covers it all… from buying your first bra, dealing with your mother, finding the perfect dress, going through your closet, dealing with purses and high heels, and many other humorous stories. A perfect Ladies Night Out, but the guys will laugh, too (and win brownie points for coming to the show!). The show is presented with two casts, five women in each cast.

Cast (November 1-14)
Rosalind Farotte
Donna M. Knippen
Ruth E. Stein
Rachel Perry
Sandi Lewandowski
Cast (November 15-30)
Christy Wait
JoAnna Evans
Amy McElroy
Roberta Vinkhuyzen
Robin Harris
Directed by Kevin Heath