Producer Scott Lynch
Co-Producer Pam Drayton
Director Joanna Evans
Assistant Director Sandra Aranda
Music / Orchestra Director Carol Harris
Vocal Director Phil Robb
Choreographer Jyovonne Montosa
Costumer Mary Doktor
Lighting Designer Matt Henderson
Sound Designer Dennis Heinz / Patrick Bedard
Production Advisor Bill Tindall
Master Carpenter Mark Starritt
Props Mistress Lori Foster
Make Up and Hair Designer Tiffany Goller
Oliver Tegan Leong
Fagan Jason Harris
Nancy Suzanne Guzzetta
Artful Dodger Sean O’Conner
Bill Sykes Chris Goller
Mr. Bumble – The Beadle Joseph “Bud” Biafore
Bet Rachel Kogan
Charlotte Kristen Pizzo
Charley Bates Nick Dinato
Old Sally Patricia Hannon
Noah Claypole / Dr. Grimwig Zack Goller
Mrs. Sowerberry Kathy Tom
Mr. Sowerberry Kel Whisner
Mr. Brownlow Allen Siverson
Widow Corney / Milk Seller Lisa Singleton Quijano
Mrs Bedwin Joyce Bedard
Husser Jacob Goller
Knife Grinder Joel Allian
Book Boy Nathan Foster
Strawberry Seller Robin Harris
Rose Seller Ingrid Rottman
Maid Sierra McKenna
Old Sally Patricia Hannon
Women’s Ensemble Men’s Ensemble
     Joyce Bedard      Joel Allian
     Melinda Colbert      Jacob Goller
     Suzanne Colbert      Allen Siverson
     Robin Harris      Kel Whisner
     Liana Kishi
   Ingrid Rottman Orphans
   Debbie Tawney      Riley Brown
   Kathy Tom      Zoe Chamberlain
     Melanie Chipman
Fagen’s Crew      Emmalynn D’Angelo
     Kelsey Beard      Caroline Drayton
    Zoe Chamberlain      Catherine Drayton
    McKenzie Colbert      Kendall Eves
     Emmalynn D’Angelo      Nathan Foster
     Nick Dinato      Leah Grifall
     Danielle Dokter      Janae Heinz
     Kendall Eves      William Henrich
     Cristin Huffman      Cambria Pace
     Katie Lincoln      Jaclyn Stiles
     Julie Millward      Patrick Summers
    Annabella Wunderlich      Angelina Tawney

This musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic Oliver Twist tells the story of a young orphaned boy living in Victorian England. Boarded in an English workhouse, Oliver disrupts the wellworking system of food distribution by daring to ask for more. There begin his troubles of being sold, running away and being taught how to pickpocket. Meet the unforgettable Fagan, the beautiful, compassionate Nancy, and the ever-hospitable Artful Dodger as Oliver’s story unfolds through such memorable songs as “Food Glorious Food”, “I’d Do Anything”, and “Consider Yourself.” Dreariness and oppression give way to hope and innocence reclaimed in a way only Dickens’ storytelling can do.


Music, Lyrics and Book by Lionel Bart. Licensed by Arrangement with Oliver Productions, Ltd. and Oliver Promotions, Ltd.


Above Photos by Jason Leung

Above Photos by Marty Cheek