Little Women

Producer Peter Mandel
Director Andrew Cummings
Music & Vocal Director Carol Harris
Choreographer Jessica Damron
Set Designer Andrew Cummings
Costume Designer Patricia Hannon
Lighting Designer Nathan Cummings
Sound Designer Nichole Murphy
Properties Barbara Smith
Lori Foster
Stage Managers Cara Kaiser
Bruce Pember
Master Carpenter Gerry Blanchard
Marmee Suzanne Guzzetta
Meg March, Clarissa Jessie Henry
Jo March Christy Wright
Beth March, Rodrigo II Danielle Moore
Amy March, Troll Alexandra Hannon
Aunt March, Mrs. Kirk Ariane Borgia
Laurie Laurence, Rodrigo I Gerado Leon
Mr. John Brooke Jason Eves
Mr. Laurence, Knight Bob Brown
Professor Bhaer Mark Blattel

Little Women is a timeless and enduring classic about the March sisters’ journey from childhood to maturity during the American Civil War. Meg, the eldest; Jo, the high-spirited tomboy; Amy, the self-centered beauty; and gentle Beth learn to endure both good times and bad as they share the joys and pains of growing up. This adaptation skillfully compresses the novel while still including milestones such as Meg’s declaration of independence from the tyranny of Aunt March and Amy’s trip to Europe.


Interlaced with warmth, family loyalty and traditional values, all the important events of the March family provide us with a better understanding of our own lives. Penned by Louisa May Alcott 140 years ago, this much-loved classic tale;s message is still relevant for audiences today.


Photos by Elizabeth Mandel