The Producers

Producers Robin Bezanson
Scott Lynch
Director Myra Kaelin
Assistant Director Matt Hendrickson
Music Director Carol Harris
Choreographers Jyovonne Montosa
Mitzi Imagawa
Costume Designer Patricia Hannon
Set Designer Andrew Cummings
Lighting Designer Nathan Cummings
Master Carpenter Javier Garcia
Stage Manager Brian O’Connor
Props Mistress Mary Doktor
Max Bialystock Peter Mandel
Leo Bloom Steven Zbin
Franz Liebkind Chris Goller
Roger DeBris Chris Souza
Carmen Ghia Blake Dieda
Ulla Krista Warner
Bag Lady Christine Carrillo
Nuns Pam Drayton
Trudy Parks
Street Cleaner Jacob Goller
Mr. Marks Bob Jacobson
Jack TJ Toribio
Donald Francisco Alvarez
Jason Andrew Stebbins
Gunter Nick Dinato
Churchill Nicolas Garcia
Jury Foreman Kelly Lovell
Supporting Cast Mary Beth Anderson
Nikki Cendreda
Zack Goller
Jamie Gussman
Leslie Lamcke
Rebecca Little
Quinton McCain
Haylee Merrill
Nick Dinato Usherettes
Jacob Goller Brittany Corpuz
Zack Goller Taylor Melville
Bob Jacobson Nikki Condreda
Andrew Stebbins
TJ Toribio Stormtroopers
Leslie Lamcke
Chorus Girl & Prisoner TBD
Mary Beth Anderson
Christine Carrillo Little Old Ladies
Nikki Cendreda Mary Beth Anderson
Brittany Corpuz Christine Carrillo
Jamie Gussman Nikki Cendreda
Rebecca Little Brittany Corpuz
Taylor Melville Pam Drayton
Haylee Merrill Jamie Gussman
Rebecca Little
Roger’s Team Taylor Melville
Bryan – Jon Reed Haylee Merrill
Kevin – Andrew Stebbins Trudy Parks
Scott – Quinton McCain TJ Toribio
Shirley – Pam Drayton Zack Goller
Nicolas Garcia
Cops Nick Dinato
Sergeant – Jon Reed
O’Rourke – Zack Goller Ensemble
O’Riley – Jacob Goller Francisco Alvarez
O’Houlihan – Francisco Alvarez Nick Dinato
Pam Drayton
Hello’s Nicolas Garcia
Nikki Cendreda Jacob Goller
Rebecca Little Zack Goller
Mary Beth Anderson Bob Jacobson
Christine Carrillo Kelly Lovell
Haylee Merrill Trudy Parks
Taylor Melville Jon Reed
Kelly Lovell Andrew Stebbins
Quinton McCain TJ Toribio

The Producers is the story of down-on-his-luck theatrical producer Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom, a mousy accountant. Together, they hatch the ultimate scam: Raise more money than you need for a sure-fire Broadway fiasco … and pocket the difference.


The Producers has become a Broadway phenomenon turning the tradition of a Broadway musical on its head and earning more Tony Awards than any other show in the history of the Great White Way. With tunes and a book by superstar comedian Mel Brooks and co-bookwriter Thomas Meehan (Hairspray), this big-time Broadway musical is truly one of the funniest shows around.


Photos by Elizabeth Mandel