Leader of the Pack

Producers Pam Drayton
Tiffany Goller
Marianne Snook
Director Chris Goller
Assistant Director Megan Griffin
Music Director Kirk Berkland
Vocal Directors Lynette Oliphant
Joy Reynolds
Choreographers Christine Carrillo
Jyovonne Montosa
Costume Designer Michelle Griffin
Ellie Becca Reynolds
Darlene Paetra Rottman
Annie Mia Veltri
Young Ellie Maddie Schriefer
Rosie Rebecca Slevin
Shelley Samantha Rogers
Mickey Catherine Drayton
Jasmine Emily Carrillo
Pattie Natalie Fitzgibbons
Barbara Emily Pember
Gina Catherine Slevin
Jodi Melinda Colbert
Waitress/Alice Becca Snook
Shirley Kelsey Beard
Jeff Andrew Stebbins
Gus Jake Goller
Christopher Tyler Dale
DJ Voice/Jack Ben Snook
Peter Nathan Foster
Lon Sean O’Connor
Keith Paul Maack
Joey Nick Bell
Danny Peyton Squires
Ashley Ashley Habing
Betty McKenzie Colbert
Cindy Emma Squires
Crystal Tabitha Tuttle
Ginger Amber Platt
Jan Sierra Heinrich
Lucy Tessa Zhang
Marcia Aubrey Foster
Max Max Goller
Penny Paige Wilson
Ricky Timmy Piper
Suzy Aubrey Stevenson
Wendy Sammy Barnes

Join our talented teens in their performance of this hit Broadway musical retrospective, celebrating the life and times of Ellie Greenwich, whose doo wop sounds skyrocketed to the top of the sixties charts. The story of Ellie’s rise to fame and fortune is punctuated with the virtual Hit Parade of her music, Chapel of Love, Da Doo Ron Ron, Be My Baby, Hanky Panky, And Then He Kissed Me, and, of course the title song Leader of the Pack. 


Photos by Elizabeth Mandel