Act One

Producer Rebecca Garcia
Director Buddy Butler
Set Designer/Master Carpenter Javier Garcia
Director’s Assistants Carol Harris
Elizabeth Mandel
Costume Designer Michelle Griffin
Scenic Designer Bill Tindall
Props Managers Lori Foster
Barbara Smith
Stage Manager Bridget Harnett
Moss Zack Goller
Hart / Jed Harris Peter Mandel
Mossy / Bernie Hart Austin Vandecoevering
George S. Kaufman / Father / Vail Rob Christopher
Aunt Kate / Frieda Fishbein Adrianne Wilkinson
Lillie Hart / Aline McMahon Ingrid Rottman
Beatrice Kaufman / Hester Worsley / Helen Megan Griffin
Mr. Borofsky / Augustus Pitou / Sam Harris / Slimowitz Joe Hartwell
Charles Gilpin / Langston Hughes / Max Siegel / Porter / David Allen Robert Butler
Mrs. Borofsky / Belle / Mrs. Henry B. Harris / Dorothy Parker Becky Owens
Wally / Gilpin’s Manager / Harpo Bud Biafore
Irene Gordon / Usher / Saloon Girl Hannah Satterlee
Eddie Chodorov / Joseph Regan  / Jerry Matthew Kropschot
Dore Schary / George Peter Owens
Lady Caroline / Edna Ferber / Mrs. Rosenbloom Donna Cowan
Sir John / Priestly Morrison / Alexander Woollcott Don Cowan
Phyllis / Muriel / Mary / Late-comer #2 / Shirley Michele Maher
Roz / Ingénue / Late-comer #1 / May Isabella Beninger
Pianist Mark Gaetano

Growing up in an impoverished family in the Bronx in the 1920s-1930s, Moss Hart dreamed of being part of the glamorous world of the theatre. Forced to drop out of school at age thirteen, Hart’s famous memoir Act One is a classic Horatio Alger story that plots Hart’s unlikely collaboration with the legendary playwright George S. Kaufman. Tony Award-winning writer and director James Lapine has adapted Act One for the stage, creating a funny, heartbreaking, and suspenseful play that celebrates the making of a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and his play Once in a Lifetime.


“…brims contagiously with the ineffable, irrational and irrefutable passion for that endangered religion called the Theater…Act One critically reminds us, at a moment when it’s easy to forget, of why so many of us fell head over heels for this cockamamie faith to begin with…Hart captured the desperation, egotism, self-consciousness, illusionism and perverse certainty that made his escape possible.” —The New York Times.


This set was a marvel. Set designer Javier Garcia contacted the designer of the set for the Broadway production, scaling do the Broadway set to fit into the Morgan Hill Playhouse. It was 2 stories high, revolving, with each room of the set in a different section of the top or bottom story. See set photos below:

Photos by Elizabeth Mandel