Mom’s Gift (Limelight Archives)

Mom is a ghost. She’s been gone 11 months and is sent back to resolve an issue so she can get her wings. The problem is, she has no idea what she needs to resolve. With her family there are many issues to choose from. Is it her angry daughter who punched a cop? Her youngest daughter who works at Hooters and is about to marry an ex con? Her husband who has removed all her pictures? Or is the mission to discover who was driving the car that hit her that night? She takes it all on, with the help of her daughter Kat (the only one who can see and hear her). The journey is full of laughs and when the real mission is discovered, even Mom is surprised. This touching comedy is the perfect “feel good” show for the holidays.

Christy Wait
Bill Tindall
Denee Lewis
Angie Higgins
Myra Kaelin
Tim Shamrell
Directed by Kevin Heath