Rock of Ages

Producer Jen Puente
Assistant Producer Lennie Cooper
Assistant Producer Tiffany Hoiberg
Director Megan Griffin
Assistant Director Joy Reynolds
Assistant Director Christine Carrillo
Vocal/Music Director Michael Rubino
Costumer Michelle Griffin
Properties Lorraine Bell
Graphic Designer Sam Taylor
Lonny Barnett Jenna Hernandez
Drew Boley Andy Gonzalez
Dennis Dupree Austin Vandecoevering
Sherrie Christian Emily Pember
Sherrie’s Father / Rock Ensemble Nathan McDonald
Sherrie’s Mother / Rock Ensemble Leah Grifall
The Mayor Catherine Drayton
Anita Bath Lauren DeRosa
Hilda Klinemann Isabella Rosal
Franz Klinemann PJ Crocker
Stacee Jaxx Gannon Janisch
Justice Charlier Jillian Puente
Constance Sack Riley Brown
Ja’Keith Gill / Rock Ensemble Oliver Kaelin
Joey Primo Marcus Horta
Waitress #1 Tessa Zhang
Waitress #2 Ashleigh Perales
Waitress #3 Sophia Bermea
Waitress #4 Coco Crowley
Waitress #5 Caroline Drayton
Go-Go Dancer Cece Cooper
Go-Go Dancer Makayla Hoiberg
Go-Go Dancer Maya King
Go-Go Dancer Lauren Perales
Go-Go Dancer Zoe Zepeda
Protester #1 / Rock Ensemble Kennedy Agnitsch
Protester #2 /  Rock Ensemble London McWilliams
Protester #3 / Rock Ensemble Becca Snook
Stacee’s Band / Movie Producer / Rock Ensemble Ashton Acosta-Parson
Stacee’s Band / Rock Ensemble Ciarra Hawkins
Stacee’s Band / Boy Band / Rock Ensemble Conner Rollins
Boy Band / Rock Ensemble Keegan Bettencourt
Boy Band / Rock Ensemble Lachlan Sellers
Boy Band / Rock Ensemble Josh Watts
Rock Ensemble Emilio Valencia
Stacee Jaxx Groupie / Rock Ensemble Presley Calisi
Stacee Jaxx Groupie / Rock Ensemble Sophia Farrington
Stacee Jaxx Groupie / Rock Ensemble Ava Posada
Stacee Jaxx Groupie / Rock Ensemble Ashley Rollins

Rock of Ages tells the story of a small-town girl, a city boy, and a rock ‘n’ roll romance on the Sunset Strip. But when the bar where rock reigns supreme is set to be demolished, it’s up to these wannabe rockers and their band of friends to save the day — and the music. Rock of Ages’ electric score features all your favorite ’80s rock anthems and power ballads,  including:”Every Rose Has Its Thorn”, “I Wanna Know What Love Is”, “Here I Go Again”, “Don’t Stop Believin’”, and more! So, get ready to rock and roll all night. Or at least until the curtain goes down.


Above promo photos by Chris Foster

Above rehearsal photos by Elizabeth Mandel