Honk! Jr

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Producers Marianne Snook
Jenn Oliphant
Director Tressa Bender
Vocal Director Lynette Oliphant
Choreographer Christine Carrillo
Costumer Lorraine Bell
Sound & Lighting Designer Spencer Oliphant
Props Lorraine Bell
Fluff (Duckling), Goose, Froglet Alexis Hsu
Bullfrog, Poultry, Goose Alice Ball
Cat Ashlen Hsu
Greylag, Poultry, Frog Ava Meehan
Drake Brenden Oliphant
Billy (Duckling), Snowy (Gooselet), Froglet Cady Oliphant
Ida Chloe Grotz
Grace, Dot (Goose), Frog Claire Oliphant
Maureen, Camera Crew, Goose Gabriella Horta
Beaky (Duckling), Barnacles (Goose), Froglet Genie Oliphant
Penny, Poultry, Blizzard Female Solo Grace Butler
Duckling, Goose, Froglet Izzy Oliphant
Downy (Duckling), Pinkfoot (Goose), Froglet Jase Puente
Henrietta, Swans, Camera Crew Julia Tracy
Poultry, Camera Crew, Goose, Frog Liam Grotz
Turkey, Jay Bird, Frog Matthew Horta
Ugly Miriam Shem-Tov

Adapted for young performers, Honk! Jr. is a heart warming celebration of being different. Based on the tale of The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Andersen,, Honk! tells the story of an odd looking baby duck lured away from his mother. Follow Ugly’s adventures and the friends he makes along the way until he is reunited with his mother.


Note that, while the performance itself will be adapted for children and thus shorter than usual, we will have a longer intermission. Kids are invited to enjoy our special lobby games and crafts during this extended intermission.


Special “Sensory Friendly” Performance Saturday, October 15 – Sensory Friendly matinees provide a friendly supportive environment for families with loved ones with special needs or young children who cannot sit through an entire show without moving or being a little loud.  These special shows feature brighter auditorium lighting and lower audio levels. There are also relaxed house rules; guests are free to get up, move around, and leave whenever they need to.


Promo photos by Chris Foster

Photos by Jenn Oliphant