Kimberly Akimbo

NOTE: This show is tentatively scheduled, pending final approval of rights.

Director Allie Bailey
Limelight Managing Director Emily Shem-Tov

Kim is your typical sixteen-year old: curious, precocious, and full of insecurity. She also happens to look like she’s 72 years old, due to a rare condition that causes the human body to age at over four times its normal rate. But this is a minor hindrance compared to the episodes she must grapple with in the midst of her loony family including a lush of a father, a hypochondriac mother, and a scheming felon for an aunt. But like all adolescents, even Kimberly finds hope and excitement in the possibility of first love. Kimberly Akimbo is a play about making every moment count, particularly when you only get about 20% of them.