The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical

Producer Jenn Oliphant
Assistant Producer Malisha Kumar
Teen Assistant Producer Clara Shem-Tov
Mentor Director Max Tarlton
Teen Director E.W. Lasky
Assistant Director / Stage Manager Bella Tankersley
Music Director Mark Wong, Brian Bourke
Vocal Director Brian Bourke, Jenn Oliphant
Choreographer Jilian Grotz
Tech Designer / Mentor Spencer Oliphant
Technical Manager / QLab Operator Aaron Pierce
L2?Lighting Assistant Tyler Rempel
A2/Audio Assistant Brian Pueno
Costumes/Props Mentor Lorraine Bell
Assistant Costumer/Props Claire Oliphant
Set Designer Jenn Oliphant
Assistant Scenic Designer Julia Tracy
Master Carpenter Amir Faraj-Perry
Front of House Manager Miriam Shem-Tov
Percy Jackson Brody Bourke
Annabeth Riley Brown
Grover Josh Hauch
Luke Joseph King
Sally Paige DeRosa
Chiron Ridley Santiago
Clarissa Chloe Grotz
Mr D Oliver Oliphant
Mrs Dodds Lizzy Call
Silena Coraline Christian
Katie Ava Smith
Oracle Sydney Hoiberg
Ares Maya Diaz
Thalia Verose Deslonde
Charon Jayda Lamar
James Brown Joseph King
Janis Joplin/Greyhound Passenger 2 Mackenzie Brown
Kurt Cobain Clay Bortolussi
Gabe Max Cale
Minotaur Ezrah Cortez
Posiden/Hades Aidan Alvarez
Squirrel Julia Tracy
Aunty Em/DJ Cerberus Jacquelyn Parker
DJ Cerberus;Train Conductor Isabella Seki
DJ Cerberus Sienna Teel
Echidna Kelly Kobata
Newscaster Madison Gilges
Farmer Annie Chavez
Bianca/ Greyhound Passenger 1 Claire Oliphant
Ally Dauphin
Ashlen Hsu
Aris Parson
Oliver Olson
On Stage Musicians
Guitar II Clay Bortolussi
Bass Guitar Jarrett Puente

Join SVCT’s talented teens in this thoroughly endearing family-friendly musical. Follow Percy Jackson, a 12-year-old boy who newly discovers that he is a demigod and goes on a quest to find Zeus’ missing lightning bolt to prevent a war between the Greek gods. As a son of Poseidon, Percy Jackson has newly discovered powers he can’t control and monsters on his trail. Featuring a thrilling original rock score, The Lightning Thief is an action-packed musical adventure.