Audition with SVCT

If participating in live theater is new to you, we offer an open, supportive, and unintimidating environment for your personal adventure. If you’re a stage veteran, we offer open auditions for all roles and the opportunity to hone and celebrate your skills with other capable amateurs and appreciative audiences.

Vaccination Considerations for Auditions & Participation in SVCT Productions

South Valley Civic Theatre is committed to preserving the safety of our staff, cast, crew and audience members. To that end, we are requiring all cast, staff and patrons to be fully vaccinated for performances at both the Morgan Hill Community Playhouse and at Limelight in Gilroy. At check-in for all auditions, we will be requesting proof of vaccination. We thank you for your support of community theater.

Upcoming Auditions

Cabaret – General Auditions: Friday, November 5, 6:30-8:30 pm

With the postponement of Cabaret, initially scheduled for March, 2020, to February, 2022, several actors are no longer able to participate. We are holding auditions to fill the open positions, including the lead roles of Sally Bowles and Cliff Bradshaw. Click here for additional details about the production (synopsis, performance dates, staff).

Audition Dates

  • Friday, November 5, 6:30-8:30 pm
  • Callbacks: Sunday, November 7, 2 pm

Scheduling Your Audition

You do not need to reserve an audition slot; please arrive between 6:30 and 7 pm to check in.

Please contact the producers at if you would like to audition but are unavailable to do so during the above time slot

Audition Preparation

  • Click here for an audition packet. Please complete the packet and bring it to your audition.
  • Prepare a 1-2 minute vocal selection. Piano accompaniment will be provided (bring sheet music), but we prefer and encourage you to bring a karaoke version of your selection on CD, phone, or iPod.
  • Come prepared to learn a short dance routine. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that you can move in.
  • You do not need a monologue; we will have people read sides from a script.

Additional Information

  • Click here for descriptions of the roles we will be filling.
  • All auditions are held at the SVCT warehouse, Building G2, 16840 Joleen Way, Morgan Hill.
  • Please contact the show’s producers, at  with any additional questions.

The Audition Process at  SVCT


Casting Playhouse Productions

  • Auditions are usually held 2-3 months prior to a show’s opening. People on our email list will receive advance audition notification, with links to details of the upcoming auditions. (CLICK HERE to join our email list.) Each audition usually includes 3 sessions on a Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday. All auditions (unless otherwise noted) are held at SVCT’s warehouse, Building G2, 16840 Joleen Way in  Morgan Hill..
  • If you are interested in being in the show, but are unavailable for the scheduled auditions, please notify the producer. An alternate audition time, although not guaranteed, may be arranged at the producers’ and director’s discretion.
  • If the audition panel is undecided about some part casting after the auditions, callbacks may be scheduled. Callback times and dates will be listed on the information provided to the actors at the auditions. (Callbacks are not indicative of casting and not all auditioners will be needed for callbacks.)
  • After the cast list is finalized, it will be posted on the warehouse office window and on SVCT’s website. A notification and link will also be posted on SVCT’s Facebook page. Please “like” us on Facebook to stay informed!


Casting Limelight Productions

  • Limelight Talent Database – We are collecting and building a database of adult actors who are interested in participating in Limelight productions.To be included in this database, please send in a resume with your most current experience and a current headshot to
  • General Auditions – For casting the upcoming season, a general audition will be held every summer and again in the winter (if needed). Callbacks are by invitation only.
  • Notification of upcoming general audition dates and times will be communicated on our website, via email, and through Facebook.
  • Please contact Limelight’s Managing Director, Robin Bezanson, at if you have any questions.

Inclusion and Diversity

South Valley Civic Theatre expects that all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual identity, culture, age, gender expression, background, ability, economic status, education, credentials and experience have the opportunity to be engaged in our programming. .We encourage all actors to audition.

Audition Tips


  1.  Read the audition notice carefully. If you are on SVCT’s email list, you will have received an electronic audition notice. It will provide a link to details of what you are expected to prepare in advance–a song, a monologue, etc.–and how/whether to sign up for an audition in advance.
  2. Complete your audition packet in advance. Download and complete the audition packet and bring the completed packet to your audition. In particular, it is important that the staff know your scheduling conflicts when determining how to cast you. While you may complete the packet at the audition, preparing  it in advance means you will have that much less to deal with at the audition.
  3. Consider bringing a resume and head shot to the audition. Either note your acting experience in the audition packet or (particularly  if you are auditioning for a major role) attach your resume to the packet. If you do not attach a head shot to your packet, typically SVCT staff will take a photo of you at your audition (either is fine).
  4. When in doubt… audition! The best way to master auditioning is to do it over and over; you’ll conquer those nerves and you’ll get to practice your acting and singing. As you become more comfortable with auditioning, you will find it easier to get into character and your acting will become more natural.
  5. Do advance homework. Learn a bit about the show you are auditioning for and the parts you are interested in. Practice how you might characterize the part you would like to play. If auditioning for a major singing role, prepare an audition  song that reflects the style and range of a song that character sings, but do not choose a song from the play for which you are auditioning. If auditioning for a non-musical drama or comedy, prepare a monologue that reflects the nature of the part for which you are auditioning or the play. (If you are auditioning for a chorus part, the previous guidelines are not as important.)
  6. Come prepared. Be on time–15 minutes early is even better. If auditioning for a musical, bring shoes you can dance in and wear comfortable (but not sloppy) clothing. Bring two copies of sheet music for your audition song (preferably), bring a karaoke version of your selection (on CD, phone, or iPod), or be prepared to sing a capella (last choice–some music directors will not accept that option). If you have them, bring a resume (preferably on a single sheet of paper) and/or a head shot. If you will be delivering a monologue, bring a copy.
  7. Relax and enjoy the experience!