Limelight Dining

Dining Options



  • Pre-order dinner from our special menu provided by Pop’s Public House. (Ordering notes: Specify 1) Delivery 2) Date of show 3) 7:00 pm.) Pop’s will deliver to Limelight at 7 pm, so you can dine and socialize prior to your selected evening’s performance
  • Bring your own dinner from home (or bring takeout). Arrive as early as 6:45 pm (12:45 pm for 2 pm matinees).
  • Join us just for the show. Curtain is at 8 pm, so plan to arrive by 7:45 (or come earlier if you would like to enjoy snacks or drinks from our concessions before the show). Snacks include candy, nuts, pretzels, cookies, and rocky road.


 Drink Options*



  • Purchase beer, wine, cocktails (or mocktails), soft drinks, tea, coffee, or water from our beverage service. Check out our themed cocktails, with a specialty drink designed for each production!. Service is available before the show and at intermission.
  • Bring your own drinks. (A corkage fee applies for wine brought in.)

*Limelight by SVCT is a non-profit, volunteer organization; all profits from our concessions and

beverage service go back to support the theater and to continue to provide quality live theater to the South County.