Limelight’s Legacy


Kevin Heath & Alan Obata

Limelight Actors Theater is a special place. Its small, intimate cabaret theater experience and the option to bring your own dinner and enjoy a glass of wine with the show create an inviting ambience. It has been a haven for fine theater, great camaraderie, and enduring friendships.


Limelight was the brain child of actor Kevin Heath who created the theater company in 2011, in part as an enticement to bring people to the Gilroy Center for the Arts. After nine years as a member of  the Gilroy Arts Alliance and Limelight’s Executive Director–and after 43 Limelight productions–Kevin and his husband and theater company co-owner Alan Obata have moved away, and, effective January 2020, South Valley Civic Theatre (SVCT) has assumed management of Limelight.


We at SVCT are delighted to have the opportunity to carry forward and sustain Kevin’s vision. Limelight’s typical season of three small shows a year perfectly compliments SVCT’s five show season (typically a mix of family and adult musicals, teen and children’s musicals, and a comedy or drama) at the larger Morgan Hill Community Playhouse. SVCT will continue to use Limelight as an intimate, high quality, small venue for mainstream and ‘edgy’ plays.


As we begin our second half-century of providing live theater in the South Valley, we  at South Valley Civic Theatre are excited about this opportunity to offer performances at this second venue, while preserving the unique characteristics of Limelight Actors Theater that Limelight’s patrons know and love.