Limelight Seating

Ticket Purchase

Please purchase your ticket in advance. (Go to the show on this website and click on the purchase button to purchase online through our ticketing agent. Please purchase early to ensure you get in to see the show. Our shows are popular and we are a small space, so we sell out fast and frequently.


Special Seating Requests

We want you to have the best experience possible at Limelight! Let us know (in the “Comment” field of our online ticket order) if you have special seating requirements due to mobility or other issues. We will work hard to accommodate your needs.


Seat Assignment

All seats are assigned at purchase time. At purchase you have the choice of a LOW table or a HIGH table or BEST AVAILABLE. Please note that–per the photo–with our new thrust stage layout, all seats are close to the stage … and every seat is a GREAT seat!


Will I get my own table?

It depends on how many are in your party. As space is tight, we try to fill the tables. For large groups, you will probably have your own table; for a couple, we typically may seat you with another individual or couple. (Note that currently we are keeping parties at their own table to provide social distancing.)


I am buying my ticket separately. Can you seat me with my group?

Absolutely! In the “Comment” field of your online ticket order specify the group with whom you want to be seated (e.g. “Jones group”).  Be sure group members all order around the same time so we don’t sell out before all have purchased their tickets. (Note that, with the new theater layout, we may need to seat very large groups at multiple adjacent tables.)


Seating request caution for late purchases

Ordering tickets the day before or the day of the show is always worth a try; however you will have seats assigned from our remaining available seats. Special seating requests probably can’t be accommodated. Thank you for understanding.


Having problems with your ticket order?

Contact us at

With our new thrust stage, we offer seating on three sides of the stage, with all seating only two tables deep. Every seat is a great seat in this intimate theater environment!