Our Supporters

Thank you to our supporters!


We would particularly like to thank:


  • those who made donations and/or continued their membership through the pandemic,
  • our season advertisers,
  • organizations whose generous grants have enabled us to enhance our performance environment,
  • and, of course, our wonderful audiences!


Your generosity enables us to remain LIVE in the South Valley.

SVCT Members (last updated March 5, 2022)

Jeff & Mary Beth Anderson
Michael Grimm
Scott Lynch Family
Marilyn & Steve Pifer
Jan & Mike Bergkamp
Ariane & Scott Borgia
Robert & Ginny Christopher
Gerald S. Curtis
Michael Grimm
Carl and Gerrie Reinhardt
Shem-Tov Family
Yann Turcotte
Christine Wheeler
Ross E. Bryan
Dr. Charles and Vinette Burgett
Mario Cavallaro
Gallagher Family
Angie Higgins & Tom Shamrell
Maack Family
Peter & Elizabeth Mandel
Margaret McCann
Elizabeth O’Sullivan
J. Puente Family
Salvatti Family
Councilmember Rene Spring & Mark Hoffmann
Janice & Alan Berling
Theresa Bradshaw
Larry Carr
DeCurtis-Hansotte Family
Armando & Carol Garcia
Anna & John Gorski
Harvey & June Hammer
Susan Hines
James Daniel Pearson
Strenfel Family
Joyce & Alden Bedard
Virginia Benche
Blanchard Family
Hardy & Cindy Childers
Rick & Kathy Coencas
P.J. Crocker
Janet Espinosa
Janice Filice
Grant Family
Angela & Britt Gunter
Mary Hartland
Horta Family
Katie Kiera
Adam & Kim Mace
Dr. David Matuszak
Lisa Ponce
Roy Ricetti
Ingrid Rottman
Starink Family
Kris Thompson
Jyovonne Tirodkar
Anne & Jian Zhang
  • To review membership benefits or complete a membership application, go to MEMBERSHIP.
  • To check on your membership renewal status, contact membership@SVCT.org

Season Advertisers

With our 2019-2020 season shortened (and the 2020-2021 season cancelled), we have extended our 2019-2020 season advertisers through the 2021-2022 season as a courtesy. Thank you for your support!

You may choose to either become a season advertiser or to advertise in one or more programs in a given season. 1/4, 1/2, and full page, black and white or color, advertising choices are available.

To review advertising options, go to ADVERTISE WITH US..


We are grateful to the organizations in Morgan Hill and Gilroy whose grants have enabled us to provide a state-of-the-art theatrical experience. Most recently:


  • The Gilroy Foundation – funded a complete upgrade of the lighting at Limelight in Gilroy. LEARN MORE.
  • The Morgan Hill Community Foundation – funded purchase of hardware and software to support the latest projection technology in SVCT’s upcoming productions. Also funded cameras and green screen equipment for filming during the pandemic.
  • Morgan Hill Rotary –  funded upgrade of SVCT’s wireless microphones

Part of the  lighting upgrade at Limelight