Our Supporters

SVCT Members (last updated March 14, 2024)

Robert & Ginny Christopher
Jan & Mike Bergkamp
Michael Grimm
Marilyn & Steve Pifer
Gerrie & Carl Reinhardt
Gerry & Jan Curtis
Susan Hines
Joanne Kraemer
Kevin Phillips & Malisha Kumar
Kimberly E. Lynch
Reggie Reynolds
Shem-Tov Family
Councilmember Rene Spring & Mark Hoffmann
Mary Beth & Jeffrey Anderson
Riley Brown & Family
Ross E. Bryan
Ken Christopher
Larry & Sally Connell
Dicar Networks
Glenda & Rockie Garcia
Bill Hargreaves
Leong Family
Peter & Elizabeth Mandel
Snook Family
Patricia & Icarus Sparry
Robert Wagner
Avila Family
Kelley & Howawrd Barnes
Joyce & Alden Bedard
Steve & Madeline Bottari
Theresa Bradshaw
Eric Bruckner
Call Family
Larry Carr & Barbara Ristrim
Carrillo Family
Jaime Chavez
Christian Family
Greg & Suzanne Colbert
DeRosa Family
Patron (Continued)
Jennifer Eichholtz
Dave & Carol Harris
Horta Family
Keswick Family
Jenn Oliphant
Peirce Family
James Pearson
J. Puente Family
Strenfel Family
Paula Thielen
Kathy Tom
Torres Family
Rachel Tracy
Valerie Vanni
John & Vivian Varela
Christine Wheeler
Tim Ahlin Family
Katherine Ares
Emma Beck
Tressa Bender
Claudia Blodgett
Rashonda Butler
Rhonda Butler
Marty Cheek
P.J. Crocker
Dr. Christopher Davis
Artist (Continued)
De La Serra Family
Scott & Debbie Downs
Pamela Drayton
Sarah Duarte
Rosalind Farotte
Cyra Gomez-Seki
Grant Family
Jillian, Chloe & Liam Grotz
Jason & Robin Harris
Ashlen & Alexis & Hsu Family
Katie Khera
Joey King & Family
Scott Lynch Family
Christine McElroy
Ava Meehan
Jaclyn Muro Family
Suzanne Pace
Ann & Bruce Pember
Perez-Villafranca Family
Jase Puente
Roy Ricetti
Ingrid Rottman
Bil Starr
Max Tarlton
Kris Thompson
Yann Turcotte
Veronica & Harald Vaernes
Geoffrey & Bobbie Ward
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  • To check on your membership renewal status, contact membership@SVCT.org

Season Advertisers

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Grant Providers

We are grateful to the organizations in Morgan Hill, Gilroy, the County of Santa Clara, and the State of California whose grants have enabled us to provide a state-of-the-art theatrical experience. Most recently:

Morgan Hill Rotary

Funded purchase of hardware and software to support additional microphones for use in SVCT’s upcoming productions. (2023)

Morgan Hill Community Foundation

Funded purchase of hardware and software to support additional microphones for use in SVCT’s upcoming productions. (2023)

California Arts Council (CAC)

Provided a generous grant to underwrite a variety of costs such as training, operating expenses, or equipment.(2023)

Gilroy Garlic Festival Association, Inc

Provided a generous unrestricted grant  Planning is underway to consider the best use of this grant. (2023)

SV Creates in association with The County of Santa Clara

Provided a generous unrestricted grant  This was used in part to facilitate a valuable long-term visioning and planning retreat for the SVCT Board. (2022)

City of Morgan Hill

Has provided (for several years) a generous unrestricted Community Grant. SVCT has used this grant primarily to enable more access to theater (performance and attendance) by youth. (Annually)

Gilroy Foundation

Funded a complete upgrade of the lighting at Limelight in Gilroy. (2020) LEARN MORE.

Morgan Hill Community Foundation

Funded purchase of hardware and software to support the latest projection technology in SVCT’s upcoming productions. Also funded cameras and green screen equipment for filming during the pandemic. (2020)

Morgan Hill Rotary

Funded upgrade of SVCT’s wireless microphones. (2019)