Co-Producer Robin Bezanson
Co-Producer Judy Grant
Director Carol Harris
Vocal Director Carol Harris
Choreographer Jyovonne Montosa
Music Director Mark Gaetano
Costumer Terri Miles
Emcee Billy Tindall
Sally Bowles Mandy Heiser
Clifford Bradshaw Zack Goller
Fraulein Kost Wolfie Lewandowski
Fraulein Schneider Mary Beth Anderson
Herr Schultz Peter Mandel
Ernst Ludwig James Swan
Customs Official / Max Marty Cheek
Kit Kat Girls:
Frenchie/Gorilla Helen Huang
Rosie/two Ladies/Girl 1 Alexandra Hannon-Sanchez
Lulu Patty Reinhart
Texas Megan Griffin
Fritzie/Two Ladies/Girl 2 James Swan
Helga Christine Carrillo
Kit Kat Boys:
Bobby/Sailor Freddie Fuentes
Victor/Sailor Christopher Cruz
Rudy/Hans Andy Gonzalez
Herman TBD

Cabaret tells the story of a seedy nightclub in 1930’s Berlin–overseen by the strange, omniscient, and gender-bending Master of Ceremonies, “the Emcee”–where a young English performer strikes up a relationship with an American writer. Time passes, and the situation in Berlin changes from exciting and vial to ominous and violent. Cabaret is a fierce, meaty musical that pushes the boundaries of the form and literally holds “the mirror up to nature.”