Producer Rod Pintello
Director Marion Pintello
Chris Gorman Juliane Fuller
Ken Gorman Bill Corneth
Claire Ganz Christine McElroy
Lenny Ganz Jeff Patereau
Ernie Cusack Dick DeBolt
Cookie Cusack Lynn Morrison
Glenn Cooper Steve Spencer
Cassie Cooper Patt White
Officer Welch John E. Romano
Officer Pudney Lisa Lewis

Four couples arrive at the townhouse of a deputy New York City mayor and his wife to attend a party celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. However, the four couples soon discover that there are no servants, the hostess is missing and the deputy mayor has shot himself in the head (it’s only a flesh wound). Comic complications arise when, given everyone’s upper class status, they decide they need to do everything possible to conceal the evening’s events from the local police and the media.

Photos by Rebecca Little, Portraits By Rebecca