Producers Rich & Becky Kaiser
Director Maureen Imagawa
Choreographer Mitzie Imagawa
Vocal Director Jennifer Hamilton
Costume Coordinators Kae Jenny-Spencer
Susan Lucarelli
Master Carpenter Rich Kaiser
Technical Director Tim Fallis
Props Mistresses Laura Glasspool
Susan Tissot
Sandy Lena Schroder
Rizzo Cara Kaiser
Marty Christine Mantilla
Frenchy Alika Spencer
Jan Jade Tanda
Miss Lynch Melissa Johnson
Cha-Cha Radhika DuBois
Patty Nicki Strong
Danny Matt Nemeth
Kenickie Chris Pringle
Sonny Scott Glasspool
Doody Danny MacPhail
Eugene Jeremy Borgia
Vince Fontaine Mike Damron
Johnny Casino Mark Hayden
Teen Angel Matt Haluza
Debbie Stephanie Egbert
Susie Lisa Glasspool
Kimmy Sarah Williams
Cindy Megan Hamilton
Dee Dee Lizzie Tissot
Cissy Sarah Martindill
Drive-In Movie Background Clint Harper
Claire Horton
David Lucarelli-Cowles
Greg Smith
Radio Voices Julia Keswick
Scott Denman

It’s 1959 and Rydell High is filled with rebellious, thrill-loving students. In the midst of this scene, Sandy Dumbrowski enters as the new girl in school. It turns out that she and the leader of the Burger Palace Boys gang, Danny Zuko, have had a brief love affair the summer before. While Sandy stresses to her new classmates the emotional attachment she and Danny had, Danny stresses the physical aspects of their relationship. As the show goes on, the students at Rydell High have to deal with love, gang violence, teen pregnancy, and friendship.


Book, Music and Lyrics by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey