City of Angels

Producer Peter Mandel
Director Myra Kaelin
Musical & Vocal Director Alan Chipman
Choreographer Nicole Sarich
Rehearsal Secretary Joy Reynolds
Master Carpenter Gerry Blanchard
Stage Manager Kris Snook
Set Designer Andrew Cummings
Costumer Michelle Griffin
Lighting Designer Peter Mandel
Stine   Rob Christopher
Stone   Aaron Weisberg
Gabby / Bobbi   Suzanne Guzzetta
Donna / Oolie   Cindy Powell
Buddy Fidler / Irwin S. Irving   Jon Reed
Carla Haywood / Alaura Kingsley  Elizabeth Calisi
Werner Kriegler / Luther Kingsley   Joseph “Bud” Biafore
Gerald Pierce / Peter Kingsley   Ken Powell
Avril Raines / Mallory Kingsley   Megan Griffin
Pancho Vargas / Lieutenant Munoz   Bruce Pember
Jimmy Powers / Jimmy Powers   Kel Whisner
Shoeshine / Officer Pasco   Ronny Misra
Gilbert / Dr. Mandril   Doug Doughty
 Angel City Four   Rachelle Abbey
  Roberta Vinkhuyzen
  Sven Schutz
  Michael Carey
Studio Cop / Big Six   Chris Goller
Studio Cop / Sonny   Javier Garcia
Cinematographer / Commissioner Gaines   Michael Carey
Hairdresser / Anna / Margie   MaryBeth Anderson
Buddy’s niece / Yamato   Patrice Lynn
Studio Employee / Mahoney / Nurse   Christine McElroy
Studio Employee / Nurse / Bootsie   Tracy Van Gundy
Studio Employee / Margaret   Joyce Bedard
Conductor   Alan Chipman
Keyboard  Alan Chipman
Piano   Sandra Lien
Percussion   Kirk Berkland
Tenor Saxophone   William Yang
 Saxophone / Clarinet   Steve Knapp
Trombone  Kevin Hartman
Trumpet   Ethan Curtis
Bass  Tanner Hallinan
Flute  Dede Andrus
Cello  Natachia Li

Loaded with contemporary jazz, this side-splitting comedy is set in the glamorous, seductive Hollywood of the 1940’s. In a world of film studios and flimsy negligees, the show chronicles the misadventures of Stine, a young novelist, attempting to convert his novel into a screenplay for movie producer/director, Buddy Fidler. Alongside the enactment of Stine’s personal story, every scene that he writes for the screenplay is acted out onstage. So we also see a 1940’s private eye tale of decadence and homicide with a liberal sprinkling of femmes fatales. The two stories, real and reel, collide and crescendo, releasing the audience with the best of Hollywood conventions; a happy ending.


Book By Larry Gelbart. Music By Cy Coleman. Lyrics By David Zippel. Vocal arrangements by Cy Coleman and Yaron Gershovsky


Photos by Elizabeth Mandel